DC-10 Ibiza

Carretera de las Salinas KM1
Ses Salinas, Ibiza Spain 07817

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DC-10 Ibiza

DC-10 Ibiza is already etched firmly into the history books of dance music culture, the small farmhouse at the end of the airport runway in Ibiza has become one of the best known clubbing destinations on the planet, principally due to the hedonistic and no holds barred afterhour sessions of Monday daytime party Circo Loco.

For 10 years after its opening in 1990, DC-10 Ibiza could barely have made less of an impression. An un noteworthy building 1km down the road to Salinas, marked only by the very low flying aircraft overhead, the venue played host to the odd flamenco session or private party for hippy, beach revellers. Then in 1999, Circo Loco arrived and everything changed.

A constant target for those who didn’t or wouldn’t understand, DC-10 Ibiza has faced multiple closures, legal action and unparalleled allegations against its right to exist; but in adversity, the club has taken each blow and came back stronger. Ultimately, on club culture’s day of judgement, DC-10 Ibiza can be assured of its place as one of dance music’s most famous temples